My process with any investor begins with discovery. Investing can be a simple, straightforward process but the values and goals of each investor will dictate the decisions they make. I’m not here to waste your time at any point but to help you make quick, effective purchase decisions so you can get back to work and family.

My value add to investors:

  1. Information

We live in the information age where the ability to learn, process and apply relevant factors to the ever-changing local real estate investment economy are essential in the decision making process. Real estate investors are busy building capital and don’t have time to gather and apply this information.

2. Analysis

Every property needs to be analyzed through the correct lens prior to determining the value to the investor. I will assist in this process through widely accepted appraisal techniques, capitalization rate calculations, and other equity growth and cash flow calculations.

3. Acquisition

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Condo Cash Flow Spreadsheet

Enjoy this free excel spreadsheet to map your

strata property cash flow