Referral Network

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Mike Morriset - Mortgage Broker

Mike has worked with dozens of my clients over the years and never disappoints! If he can’t do it, he’ll tell you. If Mike says he can do it, then you will surely be approved!


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Flavia Zancope - Notary

Flavia is focussed on customer service and it is evident! I suggest all my clients give Flavia a call.


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Karl Reddick - Coast Capital Savings

Karl is the one to talk to at Coast! Karl has a wealth of knowledge in the banking world and provides top notch service. Karl is located at the Cloverdale branch


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Lane Cuthbert - Financial Services

Lane is a good friend offering advice for personal and corporate finance. He can also set you up with life insurance or help with your personal investment portfolio. Looking for warm, personal service? Lane is your guy!


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Shane Andersen - Financial Planner

Shane offers a unique take on finance with his philosophy on the return on advice. He offers “Pay what you will” planning to ensure 100% client satisfaction.


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Narrow Gate Developments - Residential Renovations & Building

Owner/Operator: Steve Lindberg



Kuhn LLP - Abbotsford Law Firm

My Recommendation: Ian Moes(partner), John Wiebe (Associate)



Mr Home Inspector

Call Daniel for a quick response and a thorough inspection and report. His company has done dozens of inspections for me and I keep referring them!