Selling real estate is personal.


We’ve been here since the 1940’s



Langley is defined by its charming character which is settled deep in its roots. The Salmon River, lives at the bottom of a ravine that spirals its way through Langley’s Otter District. Homes filled with history are perched on the edge, enjoying the peace and calm of the preserved nature. My Mom’s parents owned their first home on Salmon River’s Edge at 54th Avenue, just down the road from North Otter Elementary. In the summer the air was filled with the playful sunlight reflecting against the chicken barns. In autumn the falling leaves welcomed the kids back to a time of learning and growing at the nearby school. My Mom’s Mom was born in Alberta and in the mid 40’s when she was only a child moved to Abbotsford with her parents to start a farm. When she married my Grandfather they started a chicken farm, which at one point was the largest in the province. It was there on Salmon River’s edge that they raised four wonderful children, my mother in the bunch. Meanwhile, My Dad’s Parents were living in Richmond, North Delta, and eventually they settled in Langley. In the 50’s they began building homes and commercial buildings under the name “Cozy Homes”. I recently heard a story from a close friend who was renovating a home in Brookswood, that while in the process of renovating they discovered my Grandfather’s company’s stamp located on one of the studs inside the walls. He had been living in the house for years and none of us knew the history of his home was one which my Grandfather laid the foundation. It’s when I hear stories like these that I am reminded of the fingerprints my family has on the roots of Fraser Valley.


Growing up I had consistent intrigue in business. I was surrounded by businessmen and leaders who constantly pushed the limits of excellence in their field, inspiring me to think bigger in the same way. Family gatherings were filled with recollection of past experiences and the thrills of business, as well as excited talk and expectancy about new ventures to come. I started out my career journey working for my Dad on a few commercial renovation projects doing clean up and odd jobs to keep busy. Later on I spent a few years working with Lindcroft Ventures, framing homes, the majority of which were custom or multi-family residential. Little did I know this would be an invaluable experience for me in my real estate business giving me the ability to see inside the walls and to share otherwise unknown insights with my clients. With the encouragement of my amazing wife I decided to open my real estate business. As a child my eyes would always catch on the magnet of my parent’s realtor we had stuck to the fridge. I remember them fondly speaking of his integrity and quality of service. This memory inspires me and I will never forget the impact a realtor can have on a family’s foundation for creating their home. I make it my personal goal to be that same face to families everywhere I go. 

Selling real estate is so personal and I love how every time I work with a new family or individual I get to be a part of their world, earn their trust and get to know them through the process. Each individual person has a complex story and so many things they deeply care about and that often comes out when selling or buying a home. This is really the reward for me; getting to truly understand where someone is coming from and helping them discover where they will go.


Market Placement

Pricing accuracy & strategy are the essential part of any home listing. This can make or break a listing. Don’t leave this up to chance.

Staging your Home

Statistically, staged homes show better, sell faster and fetch more money. We provide a complimentary staging consultation to make sure your home shows it’s best. If your property is vacant we have various staging options to choose from.

Calculated Marketing,, countless other websites, instagram, facebook, newspaper, email blasts. I’m taking advantage of everything to create a marketing plan that will work best for your listing.


Feature Sheets

Professionally designed feature sheets will ensure every Buyer leaves their showing with the most important information. An informed Buyer is the most likely to complete a deal with few bumps in the road.

Professional Photos

This is a must! My complimentary photographers are professional, respectful and extremely good at drawing attention to what we need to see.

Walkthrough Video

Sometimes a walkthrough video is just what a Buyer needs to set up the appointment to come view in person. We’re in an ever changing world and video is very big right now!


Open House and Realtor Showings

I’m constantly refining client service as well as communication with Buyers and Realtors alike! It is so important that whoever is representing your listing is going to be easy for Realtors and buyers to get along with.

Closing the Deal

Strong negotiations on your behalf and executing the deal is paramount. With a 100% closing rate and expert training in the “art of the deal” you’ll be glad you’re not on the other end of the deal.


Be Understood.

This isn’t one size fits all. Buying real estate is personal.

The discovery process is an essential part of buying a home. Not asking the question “why?” is like not putting gas in your car! You’re just not going to get anywhere.

Enjoy the Process.

You’re going to buy real estate either way. Why not enjoy it?

All too often I hear people tell me that they’ve just bought a home and that they are so glad they don’t have to do it again for a very long time. Yes, there is an inevitable amount of effort one needs to put forth to go through this process, but there are so many avoidable pitfalls and stressors that can allow you to enjoy the process.



Ever wonder who is on your side?

I’m on your side and you won’t have to wonder. I take agency seriously and literally and that’s a non negotiable.



over communication is the best policy

Weekly check-ins just to make sure you’re taken care of are just an example of how we’re making sure you never have to wonder what is going on.